Looked around on WordPress and stumbled upon this blogger. This person provides writings from all over the world and brings back the joy of reading. It’s has certainly been a while since I read for pleasure, so it was a nice discovery for me.

While going through the blog I found another site and an article I found interesting. It was concerning how to end a story. If you would be interested in reading the whole article you can find it here.

During my wake hours I have also found some more inspiring pictures, but I shall save them for a greater post for inspiration.

Lately I have started listening to The Open University’s iTunes U; “Writing creatively: fiction”. It brings up important issues and things to consider while writing. Most of it I am already well aware of, other things I might think “I knew this!” and now take more notice of it. Not only is it good to listen to different authors talk about their writing process, but also to just hear them speak. Most have a british accent and it thrills me to listen to their voices talk softly with the vocabulary of a person who has read and is fascinated of the English language.
The audio is worth a download and it is all free.

That was mostly the update of what I have found of importance today.
I hope you’re having a good day.