Heart Blood

A little river’s formed. Slides downwards, slowly. One must wonder, is it time itself? There was no rush, clearly. What if I stopped it? If I wiped the river dry and hindered any more to come. Would the Earth stop spinning? Would time go backwards until it flowed once again? I let it stream, today is not the day for experiments. You are awfully pale. Did my tears bleach your strong chest? I look at your chest. Once I could hear its movements. The purple shirt of sex would stretch and I could hear the buttons scream. I can see time come. Feeling your stomach with my check I open my mouth. I shall eat the flow of time. Put an end to all that is and hinder what is yet to come. It is no longer worth it. The future is empty. Time brings no good. It had a taste of metal, drilling into my tongue. Leaving marks. Burning.

Time was not unusual to me. Many times I had tried to reverse it, drink it back into my body. It would never help. But I thought. Maybe. Maybe just this time? The miracle I was praying for. I am petrified. Scared to death, but not my death. It has yet to come. Yours, on the contrary, came to early. I’m not ready for it…