Emotions Vocabulary for Writers

Source: http://artandalcohol.tumblr.com/post/17278551564


The future

You’ve now gone through strange places to find me, but here you are. It might be appropriate to tell you where you are?

I am a young writer who’s mind is full of ideas, but with fingers far from experienced. I love to express myself and the best way is through written words. My first texts where written while I was in secondary school and I still enjoy to get my thoughts down whenever I have the opportunity.

But that didn’t really answer the question I posed.
This place is where I post stories, poems, novels or other that I have written. I might through in some inspiration sources or things that I’m currently reading. You’ll see how this develops.

What I would like from you would be all sorts of comments.
– Critiques
– Thoughts
– Questions
– Complements
Anything that you’d like to share I’d be happy to get.

I can’t promise anything, but if I find you, through your comment or something, I’ll check you out and hopefully distribute some comments to you as well.

For the time being I’ll post old things chronologically.
Most of my works are in Norwegian, but I’ll firstly post the English ones then the good Norwegian. What do you think about that?