It feels good when the water falls down and hits my skin. Cold and wet. The shower is empty, only me and the water. There is no light in the bathroom. No light in the entire house.

Ice-cold water runs across my forehead, one of the drops gets into my blue-green eye and the white quickly turns red. A tear flies beside my little nose and when it comes to my purple lips, it is lost to the world. But the water still falls under my lips and comes to an end. My chin, small and white, as the snow outside the house. My hand sweep over my face. I stop ends on my neck. A drop slides over my chest, passes my navel and continues down, until it silently hits the floor. I look down. Every little tear of water floats there, and at one point there is no water. Just a silver metal piece with a lot of holes.

More water rains down,  I like it. All my worries, pain and sorrow disappears along with the water. I’m empty, don’t feel anything. Can’t feel anything. I don’t know how to feel. But still. I do. I feel a smile stuck on my face and I know what it means.

My mouth gets filled by frozen water. Filled to the edge, so there is no space for more. The water changes direction and continues cross my neck and slides to my small, red buttocks. I try to move my feet, they won’t listen. Finally. They have long been numb and hard to order. I walk out of the shower and a little river follows me. The water is still on. A silent whisper from my lips says “Run! You are free. Enjoy it while you still can.” I hope they do, and I envy them. Free from now and forever. I can only be free when I’m in touch with


High-Res Stock Photography: Water drops on woman bottom
Source: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/photo/water-drops-on-woman-bottom-high-res-stock-photography/84379623