A dream of a winter forest day

I’m writing this days after I’ve had this dream, so the details are lost to me. All I remember is this.

I’m with my family. We’re in a hut of sorts in the woods, it’s winter and the snow is laying thick around the place. There are some people here I don’t recognize, I think we’re with the army, but we’re also alone.
the trees are tall, you’d think we were in Russia for some reason, they’re so tall and dense together, I couldn’t see far into the forest before the darkness took over, even in broad daylight. The snow was crisp and thick, laying about knee height around the hut we were at. A bit from the place was a river. You knew it was ice cold, without even putting your hand in it. It was a slow river, making little clucking noises as it passed by us. But we didn’t really notice over the sound of a helicopter.
We were standing outside when we heard the helicopter. It was scary, we were all tense. It didn’t seem a good sign. My stepdad had a stern face, deadly determined, something I don’t usually see in him unless he’s really mad at me. Something happened. A lightning strike? It was early afternoon and a white overcast over the forest. No thunder, just the light. And the helicopter was spinning out of control. Down to the grown until it became a thousand pieces and smoke.
I knew there were people on board and some could have survived.  But my stepdad’s face only hardened and I knew he wasn’t going to check on them. Instead he turned around and prepared to leave. I had to check on them though, some could still be breathing, hoping for help. But I was stopped, I couldn’t go, and I think I woke up then.


Consider this

Everyone goes through different fases at any time, some less pleasurable than others. Seeing someone struggle with their situation creates desperation to fix it. As much as the people around would like, there is little we can do. It is in the mind of the troubled that the change has to occur. People might change, they may never. Their development, or lack of such, should never stop you from doing or becoming anything. I therefore ask you, read these words of wisdom with awareness. They might appeal to your own situation, or those close to you. I said that there is little we can do. That might be true, but showing that you see, and how it troubles you may open up their eyes to realize that other care about them. It is a wonder how knowing that you mean something, even the tiniest bit, can make you feel significant again.

One Sleeps at Night

It was absolute darkness in the entire house. Completely silence. The wind raged outside the house, violently. Everyone was sound asleep, except for Erica. Wide awake she laid in bed, struggling to find the sleep she desired. Her thoughts would stay still, flew from each corner in the universe, full speed. School, friends, appointments, the next day, they all went through and back again in less than a minute. Dry coughs disturbed the air and she went down to the kitchen for some water. The darkness consumed her as she stepped down the circular staircase. The light blended her. After a little while her eyes adjusted and she found her way to the cupboard, showed some plates aside, grabbed a huge glass and opened the tap.

There was no water streaming out of the pipes.
An agitated sigh left her mouth and dragging her feet to the neighbor room she opened the tap in the bathroom. Closing up to three in the morning was not the time to become an amateur plumber. The sink worked, she filled the glass and drank. It was, unusual. It tasted different. Viscous and sticky was not how water should taste. Not even with the waste that’s supposedly dumped in the drinking water. There was an aftertaste of metal.. She looked down. What the hell could this be? It was blood. She jerked off, dropping the glass on the floor. The tiles were painted in a shiny dark-red color. She was not going to clean that up now. And what in the world was that? The taste wouldn’t leave her mouth, damn it. She turned and left the bathroom, this was more than enough for one night. Her brain had started to slack off, it was time to get some rest. The stairs were tedious and the couch much closer. She fell asleep within seconds.

She was in the attic. Dark, silent and stuffed. Not bothering to find out why she was up there, her feet walked. Everything was in the way and she knocked most of it down for every time she breathed. There was something she had to find, she had no idea of what, but she was in a hurry. Something touched her. It wasn’t her pushing an object that was in her way, this thing moved and stroke her shoulder. There was nothing behind her, she thought. A closer look revealed a miniature statue. It was the object she was looking for. Somehow she just knew, as if she recognized it. With excited steps her elbow managed to tear down an old lamp. It hit the floor with a crushing cling. There was another sound, behind her. While she turned around she noticed a gigantic black creature swifting in her direction. There were no feet to make steps, it was silent, like a spider, yet quick. Terribly quick. She backed and shards of glass forced its way through her heel. The pain rolled over her as a massive wave and cut into her mind.

She woke up in a snap, bathing in sweat. She was still in the couch, not an inch different from where she had laid down. The heat overwhelmed her and the feet automatically moved to the kitchen for water. She froze. Something held her. A force, something very strong. A tornado of winds went through her, releasing the winter inside her. On the far end of the kitchen fog was gathering. Swirling in a circle, meeting in the center. It grew thicker, and it started to shape a creature.  A being known too well in her mind. She must still be dreaming. He hadn’t left her. Petrified she tried all the ways to wake herself up, but it is challenging with a body she cannot control. The being was enormous, black and sharp horns on his forehead. The eyes poured out red light, beaming into her soul, his mouth was sewed together in a peculiar way, giving some room to speak, but not enough to utter words. The rest of the body was a blur, part of the smoke on the floor. Her heart skipped a beat, and quickly continued with a speed it never had had. The blood froze to ice and her skin lost its color. The creature moved towards her, a horrifying grin spread behind the threads and the eyes drilled deep into her bones. Her heart beat so hard she could feel it through the chest. Every cell in her body was ordered to react, to do something, but it was all for nothing. He was only a couple of meters away now. The heat hit her in the face, the sweat came. She felt powerless and her heart settled. Her mind protested wildly, but she felt, indifferent. The being was so close that the hair on her skin started burning. He was inches from her face. The eyes flashed into her own, and the last thing she remembered was the terrible grin and the flaming red eyes.

Then. She was gone.

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thedude3000/3087999617/

Tale of Dead Hearts

The wind swiped her neck gently as it went through her hair and down her back, touching the delicate skin all the way to the ground. Warm strokes from the sun warmed the long shining hair, mixing with the wind and creating a sphere with warm air, circling around the small body. Clouds came and a shiver went down her spine. Her cheeks felt numb as she rediscovered the feeling of another persons gentle touch. The bright light blinded her as she opened to find her own hands in front of her. The wind had frozen her fingers, she couldn’t feel. A little kick from the moving air took her foot half out the edge of the building. With adrenalin pumping through her veins she looked upon her journey. Was it worth it?

Her head started to spin, and as she threw her head back a tear fell down the frozen cheek.
She had to believe in herself, even when no one else did. Not even those closest to her. A second tear rolled. The voices wouldn’t stop. They refused to leave, as they refused to believe that she was a person. A whole person with dreams, hopes and a future different from all else. She didn’t have it all planned. Her future wasn’t set. Ten years from now she could be anywhere, and that disturbed them. “What do you want with our life? Don’t you have any dreams?” Everyone has a dream, but not everyone is willing to admit it. Living without the final destination staring in her eyes was a dream for her. Everywhere she looked was an opportunity, a chance to change life. She could have lived that life.
The tears wouldn’t stop. They ripped up her cheeks, but the pain couldn’t hide the sorrow. Shining like diamonds her eyes gazed at the final destination, the goal she now desired. Arms spread, shoulder blades meeting, and eyes closed she used her last effort, and jumped. Look at how she flies through the sky. Like an angel, free from all.