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One Look is Enough

I’m not here for your or my sake,
Only because he looked at me.
It wasn’t long,
but long enough.

One glance was enough
to make me grand.
Greater than I was,
but great enough.

Ha said something to me.
I don’t know what,
but he spoke,
spoke more than enough.

I’m not here for your or my sake,
I’m here for his.

Translated version of this:

Eg er ikkje her for di or mi skuld,
Berre fordi han såg meg
Det var ikkje mykje,
Men lenge nok.

Eit lite blikk var nok
Til å gjere meg stor
Større enn eg var
Men stor nok.

Han sa noko til meg
Eg vet ikkje kva,
Men han snakka
Snakka meir enn nok.

Eg er ikkje her for di or mi skuld,
Eg er her for hans.


High above the ground,
far from the others,
I am.

Searching between bright sunlight
and dark clouds looming in the horizon.

Raindrops falling,
shadows released,
sunlight fading,
and my search is not yet complete.

They appear closer,
reveling bright light
and wet air.

I am suddenly surrounded
by tears and dark fear.
My feet are bound together,
arms tight,
mind blurred.

But my journey is far from over.

That is when I find you,
covered in strong light.

Together we begin our own search,
for the bitter cloud’s end.

I am not scared,
I am with you,
so no fear can find me.