The Mind Behind

There isn’t much I can tell about myself, really.
I’ve always had a passion for writing out my feelings and desires. Most of my texts are personal related, but I often exaggerate or create situations which can get out the feelings I feel.

I’m not a native English speaker.
You might have noticed some grammar faults along your way and I apologize for that. When I write I try to pay closer attention to the syntax of my writing, but  I’m not very aware of my faults. If you feel like it, comment on the mistakes I’ve made. Doesn’t have to be all, just the ones that annoy you the most.

I have another site that I have been posting my works on.
It is Norwegian, called Skrivebua, and does not have a direct link to my profile, so if you’re very curious; My username is -Skriver’n-

Any further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to take contact.


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