A dream of a winter forest day

I’m writing this days after I’ve had this dream, so the details are lost to me. All I remember is this.

I’m with my family. We’re in a hut of sorts in the woods, it’s winter and the snow is laying thick around the place. There are some people here I don’t recognize, I think we’re with the army, but we’re also alone.
the trees are tall, you’d think we were in Russia for some reason, they’re so tall and dense together, I couldn’t see far into the forest before the darkness took over, even in broad daylight. The snow was crisp and thick, laying about knee height around the hut we were at. A bit from the place was a river. You knew it was ice cold, without even putting your hand in it. It was a slow river, making little clucking noises as it passed by us. But we didn’t really notice over the sound of a helicopter.
We were standing outside when we heard the helicopter. It was scary, we were all tense. It didn’t seem a good sign. My stepdad had a stern face, deadly determined, something I don’t usually see in him unless he’s really mad at me. Something happened. A lightning strike? It was early afternoon and a white overcast over the forest. No thunder, just the light. And the helicopter was spinning out of control. Down to the grown until it became a thousand pieces and smoke.
I knew there were people on board and some could have survived.  But my stepdad’s face only hardened and I knew he wasn’t going to check on them. Instead he turned around and prepared to leave. I had to check on them though, some could still be breathing, hoping for help. But I was stopped, I couldn’t go, and I think I woke up then.


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