Phoenix in the water

“Write every day” is a tips I never stop hearing. Yet, it probably has some truth to it. This is my effort for today. If you like it so far, give me a little sign and I’ll try to work on it tomorrow.


The school campus was quite. It was the time between a well deserved rest and the realization that it was a Friday night. Most were forcing themselves to finish the last task for tonight, at it made the air quite and full of thoughts.

The pond was still moving after the stone hit the surface. One, two, plop. She had to work on that. A small chill, I should get my jacket. Not yet, the piece could be broken any moment and she wanted to preserve this memory. Hmm, a faint sight. Winter was certainly coming, the air started to be a little more chill and the dark came fast. 18:34. Looking up from her watch she saw something in the water.

A light glittering, from under the water. Leaning over she could see it clearly, but what was it? It seemed like a golden phoenix, only smaller and under water. As far as she knew, birds didn’t swim under water. This one did, and so gracefully. Right and left, down and upwards, entertaining its viewer endlessly. A sudden chill went through her body and she realized she’d put her fingers in the water. The bird didn’t run away, so she kept reaching down. And just as she felt the silk feathers it turned its head and looked into her eyes, blank. Grey, the bird lost its color! She grasped for it, lifting it up, but it was heavy. Too heavy. She rolled into the water and lost grip of the bird. Ice cold water, stiff body, automatically she swelled the sharp air and found the spot she was seconds ago. Cursing the cold weather she remembered why she fell into the water and searched the water. It was long gone, and so was her plan to meet Josh after school tomorrow if she got a fever.



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