#5 (Dialogue)

“The timing, my dear [name], is never good.”
[With a wink from speaker and a tilt of the head towards the one spoken to.]


“You’re one hell of package of girl!”
“I like to think so” she said with that seducing smile he adored.


“There is a reason why everyone has secrets. People need to hold something back, they need a sense of control in their lives, especially these days. Do you have any idea what kind of universe you’ve created? It’s every man for himself. Raw and pure brutality! Each and every soul out there needs a calm secret to keep, and you’ve distributed to the whole world! And you say, you’re sorry?”
[Starting of calm, walking slowly towards the other person.Hands on the back, professional attitude. Too calm. Looks at the sky/ceiling. Slowly look at the person. Emphasize on the word ‘need’. Starts to raise voice, anger shows. Punch fist into a table. Point finger at the person. Say ‘you’re sorry’ while looking up and down at the person with a look of despise.]


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