Observations of today

A kid played with his umbrella while waiting for the elevator. It kept slipping through his hands, but it never hit the ground. Inside the elevator he insisted on pressing the button with the tip of the umbrella. After we had passed five floors he had managed to hit button 44. A proud smile appeared while he turned and gazed up at his mother.

A drunk man departing with his friend on the street. Bending in all directions, but never able to stay still. A short, dried arm stretched to the side while he pointed greedily at an attractive young woman passing by. Indifferent for the lack of response from his friend he turned and walked to his dog behind him.

A young boy stumbling through the bus, tripping in the middle, losing his pencils over the floor. Walks over them, leaves his bag in the seat he intended to sit in and went back to pick up the rest of his belongings. A younger woman had already leaned over her seat and picked up some of the pencils in reach. The boy got his things and went back to his bag.



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