Separating the United

*Unfinished, but not sure how I want it to continue. Any suggestions?*

With an arm stretched and her heart broken, it all froze. Time turned still and ice filled the air. The Sun’s comforting heat disappeared, faded out of the world. Emotions ran away and were never replaced. Their voices splintered and went through all living things, without trace. Bones began to stiffen, hearts lost its pleasures, and tears burned all the way into nothing. That is how we lost our power. How humans again became slaves for something unknown.

Through the whole building it could be heard; the scream. No one saw it come.

She held him tight. Tighter than ever, she could not lose him. All eyes wet and dropping tears. His chest was covered in pieces of her broken heart, making the blue t-shirt turn darker for each moment. A low whisper can be heard through the tiny cottage. “I won’t forget you.”  Her body shaking he tried to break through and see the face he adored. “Listen to me.” There were no eye contact, but they both understood. Their hearts could not be together anymore. “Come on, look at me.” Her shoulders were covered on beloved hands, shaking her to the present. The flow slowly found a break and her grass-green eyes were visible once again. There was no pleasure watching as the hole in her heart began sinking in her eyes. The contact was broken and once again the tears came. On his knees he found a tear sliding down her chin, feeling its wet surface with his thumb. Surprisingly warm it burned in his mouth. Her eyes wondering she looked at him. Her mouth forming a smile she found a tear from his chin, used the other hand to catch one of her own. All eyes watching she did something that never should have been done. She brought the two tears together. They longed for each other, finding and blending together. Hot on her fingers they melted and froze to stone, forming a perfect drop. Colored in ocean blue and surrounded by an aura of sorrow and hope, it laid in her hands, waiting. Her fingertips, burning after the last parts of magic she had left. She held it tight; afraid of losing it, and suddenly with a loud sigh she broke it in two. A stream of blood poured out from the broken parts and left in a red steam, hanging in the air.

The man’s eyes were horrified. Wide-open they looked from the stone, to her and back at the broken pieces. He felt as if it belonged to him. His heart bounced harder for each second he waited, the fingertips eager to feel the surface of their tears, he could not resist much longer. “I know you want it, but listen to me.” Her once soft voice was now changed, different. He forced his eyes to look away, find his lover’s eyes and dig himself stuck to them. “Darling, I don’t know how this will work, but please listen to me. These stones are our hearts. These are what can keep us together even when we are separated. You can never, never, give it to someone else, do you hear me?” She searched in his eyes for understanding, would he manage do to as she asked for? They were blank, he was thinking of the stone and not her words.  A hard sound suddenly came. Her hand was gentle and his face red “LISTEN TO ME!” The blankness had disappeared and was replaced with total confusion. Slowly he turned his head to face her again, letting her see the red hand she had left on his cheek. “Is this how you want me to remember you?” They were changing again; pain and anger penetrated through and made her look away. No, she had to be strong. For once she had to make him listen carefully. Her hand still hurt, but she resisted letting it show. With his face in her hands he calmed. The anger vanished for a little while to let her talk. “Please…” She wasn’t a person to beg, but now was no times for normality. His lips began to shake, not much but enough for her to notice. He was shit-scared, but she knew he never would let her know. His obsession of an image to be the protector was too strong to break that. She leaned forward while she whispered in his ear, trying to make it better, if it even was possible. Their bodies were shaking, but she kept her hands around him.



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