Tale of Dead Hearts

The wind swiped her neck gently as it went through her hair and down her back, touching the delicate skin all the way to the ground. Warm strokes from the sun warmed the long shining hair, mixing with the wind and creating a sphere with warm air, circling around the small body. Clouds came and a shiver went down her spine. Her cheeks felt numb as she rediscovered the feeling of another persons gentle touch. The bright light blinded her as she opened to find her own hands in front of her. The wind had frozen her fingers, she couldn’t feel. A little kick from the moving air took her foot half out the edge of the building. With adrenalin pumping through her veins she looked upon her journey. Was it worth it?

Her head started to spin, and as she threw her head back a tear fell down the frozen cheek.
She had to believe in herself, even when no one else did. Not even those closest to her. A second tear rolled. The voices wouldn’t stop. They refused to leave, as they refused to believe that she was a person. A whole person with dreams, hopes and a future different from all else. She didn’t have it all planned. Her future wasn’t set. Ten years from now she could be anywhere, and that disturbed them. “What do you want with our life? Don’t you have any dreams?” Everyone has a dream, but not everyone is willing to admit it. Living without the final destination staring in her eyes was a dream for her. Everywhere she looked was an opportunity, a chance to change life. She could have lived that life.
The tears wouldn’t stop. They ripped up her cheeks, but the pain couldn’t hide the sorrow. Shining like diamonds her eyes gazed at the final destination, the goal she now desired. Arms spread, shoulder blades meeting, and eyes closed she used her last effort, and jumped. Look at how she flies through the sky. Like an angel, free from all.

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